Connect and Share with other Malaysian doctors in Dobbs

Dobbs doctors are grouped according to interests. Some groups have their own discussion forums, others are groups with just an Update wall (similar to Facebook) where you can post updates, share links, photos and comment/like each others updates

All updates are streamed in the Site Updates (Activity wall) of Dobbs
the short cut to this is
You can post your status updates here (text, photo, links) and then select the group where you want the update to go. The default is your own wall (My Profile)..

To take a picture with your camera smartphone, choose the Add Photo button as shown below:
Snapping with your cam
The box is where you type your status update and the media buttons below the box allow you to share saved pictures, video links (e.g. from Youtube), URLs (web links)
Explore and don’t be shy to share – all updates are visible only to logged in Dobbs members.

Forum Groups
All the discussion forums in Dobbs are grouped and each one has it’s own Update (“Home”) page. Just click on the Home link as shown in the picture below to view the update page. You may want to share a quick link or picture in the home page as an update rather than start a new discussion.

Home page updates

Special interests
Tradezone – buy or sell
GPs only – updates for GPs

Medical School Alumni
We plan to group all the local medical schools so that you can connect with your old medical school classmates.
University of Malaya Medical School Alumni
this will take time as we expand the grouping so please be patient