DOBBS on Facebook Links

Dobbs Facebook Group
This is the main group. In order to join, it’s best that you first register using https://dobbs.my/osr, and then you will receive instructions on how to join this closed group only for qualified Malaysian medical doctors.

The following are Dobbs Subgroups.
DO NOT request to join any of these subgroups if you have not joined the main Dobbs group.
You can join and be approved automatically only after you join the main Dobbs group.
Any requests to join or adds to the subgroups for those who are not yet members of the main group will be deleted.

Dobbs Events
This is a moderated subgroup of Dobbs for you to post and share your events.
All approved posts are PUBLICLY visible and can be SHARED on your Facebook timeline or other groups.

Dobbs CME
A group dedicated to CME specially for registered Dobbs members

Dobbs Jobs
A group to post medical job vacancies for Dobbs Members with a valid Malaysian APC (full registration)

Dobbs Tradezone
A place for Dobbers to advertise items for sale e.g. clinics or medical equipment

Dobbs Telemedicine
For Dobbers interested in Telemedicine and Telehealth