DOBBS stands for Doctors Only Bulletin Board System and is a pioneering initiative to connect all Malaysian doctors online. We currently have over 16,000 doctors in all platforms combined. If you are not part of the Dobbs network, join us today and it’s all free! DOBBS is available on multiple platforms to help you connect with fellow Malaysian doctors:


A. Dobbs Web Forums
Dobbs forum is a fresh new mobile friendly web based forum with Private Discussion Boards only for registered doctors.
The old forum is still accessible but will be closed in 2019.

B. Dobbs Facebook
Dobbs Facebook is a closed group for Malaysian doctors who use Facebook. It is the largest Malaysian doctors only group on social media with currently over 16,000 members.
Aside from the Main group, there are also Dobbs Subgroups catering for various interests
See for more info

C. Dobbs Telegram Supergroup
Dobbs has a new SUPERGROUP on the Telegram Messaging Platform for real-time chat and notifying members of important news and updates. Stay connected and informed as a group!
Visit for more info about Dobbs Telegram.

Click on the button below to register for all of our platforms: